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SPA - Core Construction CSCS course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the Core Construction CSCS course accredited by an official body?

Yes, this course is Accredited and certified by  :  Safety Pass Alliance (SPA). This means that all training providers advertising their courses on this site must be an approved centre.
In most cases the awarding body (SPA) will audit the centre to ensure the correct standard of teaching.
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What is the SPA - Core Construction CSCS course?

Category: Site-Safety-Plus
Level: Beginner

On course completion delegates will have the knowledge to:

Demonstrate their understanding of the subjects by successfully completing each module assessment paper.
Appreciate how they personally can influence good standards within health, safety and the environment.
Understand the value of risk assessment and have the knowledge to recognise when change to a generic assessment is required.
Understand the common hazards associated with work.

How long is the SPA - Core Construction CSCS certificate valid for?

The SPA Core Construction CSCS course certificate has 5 years validity.

It is recommended that you check with your course tutor for information on SPA - Core Construction CSCS refresher courses and their recommended frequency or the next step qualification.

Who is the SPA - Core Construction CSCS course designed for?

From October 2014 anyone wishing to apply for a CSCS Labourers Green Card must first attend a Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction environment course

This course is aimed at those individuals who wish to apply for a green CSCS labourers card. Since October 2014, anyone wishing to take the CSCS online test must first take a one day level 1 course – Health & Safety in a Construction Environment. The new SPA course is equivalent to a level 1 QCF course and recognised by CSCS.


It is recommended that you sit this course BEFORE attempting the Touch Screen Test

What subjects does the SPA - Core Construction CSCS course cover?


Organising for Safety

Will give delegates an understanding of:- the legal responsibilities of employers and employees, the role of enforcing authorities, what makes a vulnerable worker, hazard identification and control


The Workplace

This module examines what makes a safe place of work, safe behaviour, hidden services and specific hazards, working at height, asbestos and confined spaces and permit-to-work


Tools, Plant and Machinery

The session will give delegates an understanding of the risks presented by both powered and non powered work equipment and the risks associated with the various forms of energy created. In addition the risks faced with the use of workplace transport



The session highlights the risks and controls for substances hazardous to health together with other ill health risks from workplace activities, including musculoskeletal problems, effects of noise and stress. In addition candidates will be made aware of the varied precautions which can be taken



Candidates will be shown the need and benefits of procedures, including: the importance of local emergency procedures and first aid arrangements


The Environment

The module covers current and future environmental requirements, safe storage and marking, waste control hierarchies and emergency planning in the event of problems

How is the SPA - Core Construction CSCS course assessed?

Multiple-choice test.

What certificate do I get for passing the SPA - Core Construction CSCS course?

The training provider will give a delegate a certificate of completion. The delegate must then contact the CSCS national helpline to book their online CSCS test – 0344 99 44 777. The SPA certificate will be required as evidence that the delegate has successfully completed the training course.

Please note that an SPA ‘Passport’ will be issued to each delegate which is valid for 5

SPA - Core Construction CSCS course dates and locations
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