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Students Frequently Asked Questions

At Training Course Broker Ltd we are here to help. We've pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions our customers have asked us.

  • As we are a relatively new site, there is insufficient statistical data to draw on.
  • Once students have booked and taken exams their we encourage them to share their experiences.
  • As surveys are completed the results will automatically be added to the system and shown in real time.
  • The survey is an essential component of our Training Provider monitoring process. We want to know about your course experiences, good or bad and we will ensure that Training Providers are aware of the feedback we receive.

  • Training Course Broker Ltd will only accept Training Providers who offer a high standard of training.
  • The student feedback is therefore mission critical for us
  • As survey results are dynamically updated on the web site, it is assumed that Students will not book with Tarining Providers who have a poor star rating.
  • Training Providers have instant access to all feedback posted via our end of course survey.
  • Any Training Provider who consistently receives poor reviews will be subject to having their account closed by Training Course Broker Ltd.

  • Once your booking has been made you will receive an email from us with details relating to the course that you have booked.
  • We will contact the Training Provider and request an invoice from them
  • On receipt of the invoice we will confirm the booking and transfer your payment to them.
  • Once the payment has been transferred to the Training Provider you will be contacted by them with your joining instructions.
  • Please contact the Training Provider directly if you have any queries relating to the course arrangements.

  • All Training Providers using the web site have agreed to advertise their course prices at prices that do not exceed their standard rates.
  • At times courses may be heavily discounted for late availability or for early bookings.

  • The web site accepts payments made via PayPal or via the secure encrypted Stripe system.
  • The payment process automatically directs the Student / Delegate to the PayPal or Stripe web sites.
  • You can be completely secure in the knowledge that nothing you pass to the PayPal or Stripe servers can be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.
  • PayPal is one of the worlds leading payment processors and payments / refunds are backed by their guarantees.
  • Stripe is trusted by millions of companies such as asos, deliveroo, Under Armour, shopify, opentable and so you can be assured of their quality and security.
  • Training Course Broker Ltd does not record or store any payment details.
  • We receive a notification email of a successful card payment from PayPal and Stripe - a copy of which can be requested by you at any time.

  • Training Course Broker Ltd endeavours to make payment to the Vendor within days of their confirmation of a booking - This leaves a very short window of opportunity for a booking to be cancelled with us.
  • If you wish to cancel a course booking, you must notify us in writing immediately - phone cancellations will only be acted upon if accompanied by written instructions.
  • Training Course Broker will cancel the booking and make a full refund only if payment has not been made to the vendor.
  • No charges or fees will be made for this.

  • All courses advertised on this web site are maintained by the vendors directly. It is therefore understood that all courses are running.
  • If a booking has been made for a course and the payment has been made to the vendor, we are not be able to issue a refund - the vendor having been paid takes full responsibility for this. Please contact the Training Provider directly
  • Should a booking be received where the course is cancelled prior to payment being made to the vendor, Training Course Broker will offer the opportunity to transfer to another course or a full refund.
  • If a refund is requested we will action the refund as soon as the request is received. Refunds are a full tranaction reversal to the same card account that payment was received from. No charges will be made for this. If payment was made by Paypal then the funds will be available to you within minutes. Credit card payments can take up to 3 days.