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Training Course Broker Ltd is an independent resource whose aim is to assist students in finding good quality training. We do NOT deliver any training and are NOT associated with any accrediting body. Courses are delivered by accredited training providers.

Our Mission Statement.

This is what we aspire to become.

At Training Course Broker Ltd, our mission is to create a fair and easy to use platform to match students with training providers and training providers with tutors and venues in your area in just 4 clicks.

If you feel that we are not living up to our mission, please contact me directly, or leave a message on the contact us page and I will reply.

We would also encourage you to use the TRUSTPILOT link below to let others know what you think of our service.

Ian F. Cliffen
Managing Director

Qualifications Listed - 558     Registered Training Providers - 193     Venues Listed - 559     Events Listed - 304