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Course Dates for the CITB - Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme qualification.

CITB - Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme Training Course Dates

Yes, this course is Accredited and Certified by

"Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)".

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In most cases the awarding body (CITB) will audit the centre to ensure the correct standard of teaching.

Category: Site-Construction-Courses

Level: Beginner

The development of the CITB - Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme course was an industry led solution supported by CITB, TunnelSkills and the British Tunnelling Society (BTS). From concept through to delivery, contractors, clients and providers have been consulted, often with direct input into development. 

Prior to the launch of the course a pilot was held with major stakeholders. This one day CITB Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme course covers the following topic areas: Entry into a tunnel environment, Surface works and shafts, Tunnel construction, Tunnelling plant and equipment, Control of underground plant during tunnelling operations, Emergency arrangements, Occupational Health.

At the end of the course candidates will

  • Be aware of legislation and standards specific to tunnelling
  • Know the health, safety and occupational hazards and PPE requirements in the tunnelling environment
  • Be able to understand risk assessment principles and risk management practice in a tunnelling environment , and how these risks are identified and communicated
  • Know the generic operations taking place within portals, shaft top and pit bottom areas, and their relevance to the tunnelling operation
  • Appreciate the basic principles of tunnel construction, tunnelling methods, and their inherent risks and how each method is influenced by ground types
  • Understand the hazards and the controls required with plant, equipment and services in tunnelling operations.

The CITB - Tunnelling Safety Training Scheme course is the new industry agreed solution for anyone working in a tunnel under construction.

This one-day program is designed to help those wishing to improve their knowledge of the safety requirements when working in the tunnelling industry.

It replaces the existing three tunnelling options:

  • Tunnel Safety Card (TSC)
  • Underground Safety Passport (USP)
  • CITB HS&E specialist tunnelling test

  • Entry into a tunnel environment
  • Surface works and shafts
  • Tunnel construction
  • Tunnelling plant and equipment
  • Control of underground plant during tunnelling operations
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Occupational Health

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