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Unaccredited - Presentation Practice course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the Presentation Practice course accredited by an official body?

This course has a certificate issued by the Training Provider. It is not accredited by any outside body but is a valuable aid to gaining knowledge in this field.

What is the Unaccredited - Presentation Practice course?

Category: Teacher-Training
Level: Beginner

Having the ability to deliver a sound and compelling presentation in the workplace is one that is often underestimated yet can often be the difference between success and failure.

Why it works

Empowers professionals to deliver a message with clarity and force.

Offers new skills that will stay with candidates throughout the professional journey.

Enables candidates to build sound and structured presentations within any environment

What to expect

Fully interactive and inclusive training

Learn the values of a diligent presenter

Video sessions and live feedback

One on one and collective critique.

How to use body language to positively influence an audience.

Understand how to prepare and rehearse.

Top 5 business benefits

Empowers employees to best represent the organisation.

Enables individuals to present the vision on your behalf.

Gain an advantage over the competitors.

Creates engaged employees.

Creates a unique communications style.

Top 5 delegate benefits

Boosts self-confidence.

Learn how to build a crafted and unique message.

Generates self confidence

Engages employees

Stifles nerves and fear of public speaking

Who is the Unaccredited - Presentation Practice course designed for?

Newly qualified professionals starting out on the professional journey.

Those who deliver direction to a team, reporting the findings of a visit or meeting up chain of command or pitching for a sale.

Leader wishing to empower team members.

What subjects does the Unaccredited - Presentation Practice course cover?

Understanding body language

Powers of persuasion

How to improve self confidence

Positive voice control

Structuring a dynamic message

How is the Unaccredited - Presentation Practice course assessed?

One on one coaching sessions.

Structured personal critique

In depth personal video analysis

What certificate do I get for passing the Unaccredited - Presentation Practice course?
Attendance Certificate issued by Training Provider
Unaccredited - Presentation Practice course dates and locations
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