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Unaccredited - Face Fit Testing course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the Face Fit Testing course accredited by an official body?

This course has a certificate issued by the Training Provider. It is not accredited by any outside body but is a valuable aid to gaining knowledge in this field.

What is the Unaccredited - Face Fit Testing course?

Category: Respiratory-Protective-Equipment
Level: Beginner

The course will detail the key points of face fit testing and identify common potential faults and reasons for failure.
The relevant legislation will be covered, including HSEs document OC 282/28 which helps decide on the type of mask to be used.

Delegates will explore the different types of face pieces and types of fit test. There will be an opportunity to carry out a fit test on other delegates within the group who will undertake a series of exercises simulating the movement of a persons head during a typical work day.

Documentation and feedback to the person under test will be included

Who is the Unaccredited - Face Fit Testing course designed for?

Delegates will be able to undertake qualitative face fit testing on their work force, having an understanding of the choice of face piece, how to set up the test, interpret failures and troubleshoot problems.

What subjects does the Unaccredited - Face Fit Testing course cover?

Delegates should be clean shaven if possible.

What certificate do I get for passing the Unaccredited - Face Fit Testing course?
Attendance Certificate issued by Training Provider
Unaccredited - Face Fit Testing course dates and locations
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