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Qualsafe - QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course accredited by an official body?

Yes, this course is Accredited and certified by  :  Qualsafe Awards (Qualsafe). This means that all training providers advertising their courses on this site must be an approved centre.
In most cases the awarding body (Qualsafe) will audit the centre to ensure the correct standard of teaching.
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What is the Qualsafe - QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course?

Category: Fire
Level: Beginner

During this 1 day course, Learners will develop their knowledge and skills in fire safety, including: how fires are caused, the risks associated with fire, principles of fire safety management at work, understanding the role of a fire warden and more.

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How much is the QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course?
As a broker we have a large number of Training Providers who advertise their courses with us. The lowest price we have is £395.00 and the highest price is £395.00 (These prices may include Classroom, e-Learning, Distance Learning In-House(On-Site) and Zoom options).   See Dates and Locations
Who is the Qualsafe - QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course designed for?

This qualification is for anyone who has a specific responsibility for fire safety in the workplace. It is suitable to:

Qualify fire wardens/fire marshals

Provide a foundation of fire safety knowledge on which employers and responsible persons can build

Increase the fire safety knowledge of all employees

What subjects does the Qualsafe - QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course cover?

This qualification contains 1 mandatory unit with a Total Qualification Time (TQT) of 7 hours. Full details of this unit are in Appendix 1.

Learners must complete all assessments in the unit successfully within the registration period to achieve the qualification. The maximum period to achieve this qualification, including any referrals is 4 weeks.

TQT is the total number of hours required for a Learner to achieve this qualification. It has 2 elements:

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) is the time a Learner is being taught and assessed under the immediate guidance of a Trainer/Assessor, which for this qualification is 6 GLH (minimum), and

The number of hours a Learner will reasonably be likely to spend in preparation and study, including assessment, as directed by, but not under the immediate guidance or supervision of a Trainer, e.g. pre-course reading, which for this qualification is 1 hour

How is the Qualsafe - QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course assessed?

Formative assessments – a range of informal assessment procedures employed by the Trainer/Assessor during the learning process to measure each Learner´s knowledge, skills and understanding related to the assessment criteria

Theory assessment/multiple choice question papers - there is 1 paper per unit for each Learner and Learners should answer all the questions under examination conditions,

Maximum time allowed 45 minutes

Minimum mark is 20 out of 30 to be considered for an overall Pass

What certificate do I get for passing the Qualsafe - QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course?
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Qualsafe - QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety course dates and locations
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