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FAIB - First Aid at Work course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the First Aid at Work course accredited by an official body?

Yes, this course is Accredited and certified by  :  First Aid Industry Body (FAIB). This means that all training providers advertising their courses on this site must be an approved centre.
In most cases the awarding body (FAIB) will audit the centre to ensure the correct standard of teaching.
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What is the FAIB - First Aid at Work course?

Category: First-Aid
Level: Beginner

This First Aid at Work course covers the syllabus as set out in the Health and Safety Approved code of practice. This course entails taking practical assessments on the final afternoon. Passing the assessments entitles the holder of the certificate to be registered as a First Aider. The certificate is currently valid for three years.

It is a highly participative first aid course with both tutorial and practical sessions.

This First Aid course does entail getting down onto the floor to do practical work.

How long is the FAIB - First Aid at Work certificate valid for?

The FAIB First Aid at Work course certificate has 3 years validity.

It is recommended that you check with your course tutor for information on FAIB - First Aid at Work refresher courses and their recommended frequency or the next step qualification.

Who is the FAIB - First Aid at Work course designed for?

Designed for employers and employees who want to receive the most thorough first aid training possible. This course provides the comprehensive set of practical skills needed to become a confident first aider at work, with the knowledge and expertise to handle first aid emergencies.

What subjects does the FAIB - First Aid at Work course cover?

This 3-day First Aid at Work course will cover:

Introduction to first aid

Personal Hygiene



Dressings and bandages

Wounds and bleeding

Circulatory disorders

Duties of a first aider



Burns and scalding

Introduction to a Defibrillator

How is the FAIB - First Aid at Work course assessed?

Formal practical assessment and oral questioning by an Independent Assessor

What certificate do I get for passing the FAIB - First Aid at Work course?
FAIB - First Aid at Work
FAIB - First Aid at Work course dates and locations
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