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Course Dates for the NRSWA - New Roads and Street Works For Supervisors qualification.

NRSWA - New Roads and Street Works For Supervisors Training Course Dates

Yes, this course is Accredited and Certified by

"New Roads and Street Works (NRSWA)".

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In most cases the awarding body (NRSWA) will audit the centre to ensure the correct standard of teaching.

Category: Street-Works

Level: Intermediate

The NRSWA Supervisor Course aims to enable Supervisors to gain the necessary qualifications under the New roads and Streetworks Act 1991 which allow them to carry out their duties on the public highway, ranging from excavation to permanent re-instatement of paved structures.

This programme is designed for supervisors who are required to monitor operatives performing excavation, backfill and reinstatement duties.

There are 8 units for Supervisors and a separate certificate is issued for each. In addition, various combinations of the units will lead to a full Street Works qualification for which an SWQR card will be awarded.

  • Unit 1 - Location and avoidance of underground apparatus.
  • Unit 10 - Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding.
  • Unit 11 - Monitoring excavation in the highway.
  • Unit 12 - Monitoring reinstatement of compaction and backfill materials.
  • Unit 13 - Monitoring reinstatement of sub-base and road base non-bituminous materials.
  • Unit 14 - Monitoring reinstatement of bituminous materials.
  • Unit 15 - Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs.
  • Unit 16 - Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways.
By the end of the course delegates will be able to:
  • Summarise the requirements of the NRSW Act 1991.
  • Select appropriate personal protective and safety equipment as required to carry out street works activities.
  • Monitor duties performed by Operatives for each unit and/or qualification as prescribed by SQA standards in-line with current legislation, and ACOP where applicable.
  • Provide a safe working environment for themselves and others.

Assessment of the NRSWA Supervisor course is carried out by way of practical exercises and simulated assessments. These will be supplemented with video and classroom based tutorials. Supervisors have to demonstrate the ability to monitor a site and compile written reports in order to successfully complete this NRSWA course.

How long is the NRSWA - New Roads and Street Works For Supervisors certificate valid for?

The NRSWA New Roads and Street Works For Supervisors course certificate has 5 years validity.

It is recommended that you check with your course tutor for information on refresher courses and their recommended frequency or the next step qualification.

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