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Course Dates for the IRCA - CQI ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course qualification.

IRCA - CQI ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course Training Course Dates

The ISO 9001 lead auditor training course is aimed at senior quality managers who want to provide 3rd party quality audits or lead a team of quality auditors within an organisation.  It is also essential for anyone who wishes to register themselves as a lead auditor with the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA).

The approval body of this course IRCA, require that all delegates attending this course have the following prior knowledge:

  • The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle
  • The relationship between quality management and customer satisfaction
  • Commonly used quality management terms and definitions
  • The 7 Quality Principles as given in ISO 9000
  • The process approach used in quality management
  • The Model of a Process Based Quality Management System
  • The structure and content of ISO 9001 and Annex SL
  • The individual clause requirements of ISO 9001

IRCA’s guidance on this prior knowledge is that “an absence of the prior knowledge is likely to result in a delegate of average ability failing to achieve the necessary standard for successful completion of the IRCA examination”.

This course is Accredited and certified by  :  International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). This means that all training providers advertising their courses on this site must be an approved centre.
In most cases the awarding body (IRCA) will audit the centre to ensure the correct standard of teaching.

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