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Course Dates for the IEMA - Internal Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Auditor qualification.

IEMA - Internal Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Auditor Training Course Dates

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"Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA)".

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Category: Management-Systems

Level: Intermediate

The IEMA Internal EMS Auditor course has been developed to meet the increasing demand for employees with EMS auditing knowledge within business and industry. The course content has been structured so as to meet the principles of auditor training needs specified in ISO 19011 - therefore it will be of particular use to those individuals responsible for the effectiveness and continual improvement of their organisations EMS.

For those organisations planning to certify or register their EMS against a formal EMS standard, training of in-house employees offers potential benefits. The European Accreditation of Certification (EAC) has made it clear in their guidelines that external auditors will place a greater amount of reliance on internal audit findings based on a number of considerations, including effectiveness and auditability of the EMS, and whether the internal auditors have completed training in audit principles and processes.

The IEMA Internal EMS Auditor course is aimed at those individuals within organisations who are responsible for the auditing of an EMS.

  • IEMA Members that want to continue building their expertise in environmental management systems.
  • Equips you with the ability to participate in an audit of the organisations EMS to establish whether it is efficient and effective.
  • Benchmarked to the ISO 19011 auditing standard.
  • Gain points towards IEMA Environmental Auditor registration to join a global community of auditors.

  • Understand the basics and background to EMS auditing
  • Understand and be able to describe the relationship and differences between a range of audit types
  • Understand the principles of auditing (BS EN ISO 19011)
  • Understand the internal audit process
  • Identify key compliance obligations with environment related content
  • Identify and explain Environmental Aspects/ Impacts and their significance; and evaluate their broader role in determination of organisational/ business risks and opportunities.
  • Be able to identify other sources of information and advice

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