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UKATA - UK Asbestos Training Association

UKATA is a leading authority on asbestos training, a not for profit association established in 2008 with a set purpose in mind: to be recognised as the asbestos industrys most eminent training association.

UKATA is instantly recognised and respected for the exacting standards in asbestos training delivered by its Members in accordance with current HSE Legislation.

UKATA is committed to both maintaining and improving higher standards of asbestos training through ongoing monitoring of UKATA-approved training providers.

The success of UKATA has been driven by industry, who acknowledge that the standards delivered by UKATA Members offers assurance that delegates have received quality training from a provider who has proven competency at the highest level.

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Qualifications Listed - 557     Registered Training Providers - 181     Venues Listed - 526     Events Listed - 2,337