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Road-Haulage Course Selector.

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Road Haulage Qualifications.

Beginners Level Road Haulage Qualifications.

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DVSA - Class 2 Cat C

Ideal for:
There are several steps that need to be completed to gain your licence. Firstly you need to get the provisional category C added to your licence, this requires forms D2 and D4 being completed. Form D2 is to have the provisional added and D4 is the medical form and must be completed by a doctor. Once you have added the provisional you then need to pass the Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests before you can take the practical driving course and test. Depending on your age, when you passed your car test and the reason for gaining the licence you may have to complete either Periodic (35 Hours) or Initial (Modules 2 and 4) CPC