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Confined-Space Course Selector.

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Beginners Level Qualifications.

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CPD - Confined Space - Low Risk

Ideal for:
People who are relatively new to Confined Space working, as well as more experienced people who wish to refresh their basic skills and knowledge.

CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk

Ideal for:
This confined space training course is designed for workers who operate within medium risk confined spaces across a wide variety of industries. A medium risk confined space exists where there are access issues; a realistic expectation of encountering a specific risk, possible introduction of specified risks during the work activity. Vertical direct unobstructed access with continuous attachment to a man riding hoist or similar mechanical rescue device.

CPD - Confined Space - High Risk

Ideal for:
Managers, supervisors and operatives who may need to enter or supervise the entry into High Risk Confined Spaces and carry out a variety of work activities using both Full Breathing Apparatus and Escape Sets.

Unaccredited - Confined Space Entry Procedures Covering Escape Breathing Apparatus

Ideal for:

Any persons that are expected to enter and work within a low - medium risk confined space.