Training Providers – Getting Started

To create an account and start advertising immediately please follow these simple steps:

Creating an account

  1. Visit the┬ápage and fill in all of the boxes – Click the Green SUBMIT button.
  2. A message should show congratulating you on creating an account (a confirmation email will also have been sent to you).
  3. You can now login to your account using the details that you submitted.

Setting up your profile

  1. Once you are logged in we need you to upload your company Logo and a PDF copy of your Terms and Conditions – both can be done from the PROFILE menu option or from these links
  2. Upload you Logo from this page
  3. Upload your T&C’s from this page

Advertising your courses – This is done in 3 steps:

  1. Create a Venue – From the Venue menu option select Create Venue, fill in all of the boxes – Click the Green SUBMIT button. Do this for every venue that you have.
  2. Add a Qualification to your List – the site is pre-populated with qualifications. From the Qualifications menu option select Add new. Select the qualification from the top box. Fill in all of the boxes – Click the Green Save button. Do this for every Qualification that you have.
  3. Create an event – From the Events menu option select Create Event. Select the qualification (the page will populate the core date from STEP 2) – you can make changes to the core data if an event is different to the norm (say the price is discounted etc.). Select your venue, add dates and times. Click the Green SAVE button to advertise immediately.

Congratulations, you have now advertised your first course.