CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the CPD Confined Space - Medium Risk course accredited by an official body?

Yes, this course is Accredited and certified by  :  The CPD Certification Service (CPD). This means that all training providers advertising their courses on this site must be an approved centre.
In most cases the awarding body (CPD) will audit the centre to ensure the correct standard of teaching. Visit CPD web site

What is the CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk course?

Category: Confined-Space
Level: Beginner

To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of Confined Space procedures and the dangers of confined spaces. It provides an understanding of how to carry out a vertical decent into a Confined Space, move away from the point of entry and escape using emergency breathing apparatus.

At the end of the training course delegates should know: The dangers associated with confined space working, how to risk assess a confined space, how to classify a confined space, the types of Escape Breathing Apparatus and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, how to undertake pre-entry and pre-wearer checks on equipment, why there is a need for periodic examinations of equipment, the emergency procedures when working in a confined space.

How much is a CPD Confined Space - Medium Risk course?
As a broker we have a large number of Training Providers who advertise their courses with us. The lowest price we have is £225.00 and the highest price is £395.00

These prices may include Classroom, e-Learning, Distance Learning and In-House (On-Site) options.

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How long is the CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk certificate valid for?

The CPD CPD Confined Space - Medium Risk course certificate has 1 year validity.

It is recommended that you check with your course tutor for information on CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk refresher courses and their recommended frequency or the next step qualification.

Who is the CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk course designed for?
This confined space training course is designed for workers who operate within medium risk confined spaces across a wide variety of industries. A medium risk confined space exists where there are access issues; a realistic expectation of encountering a specific risk, possible introduction of specified risks during the work activity. Vertical direct unobstructed access with continuous attachment to a man riding hoist or similar mechanical rescue device.
What subjects does the CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk course cover?

A large amount of practical activities, practical assessment and written exam, which will be supplemented with classroom-based tutorials, involving:

  • The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997
  • Identification of risks and their control
  • Safe system of work for entry into a Confined Space
  • Hazardous atmospheres and use of gas detection equipment and monitoring. 
  • Permits to work and control measures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Equipment pre-use inspection and safe operation
  • Preparing and using escape breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers instructions
  • Vertical entry into a confined space
  • Safe method of escape from a confined space
  • Emergency procedures
How is the CPD - Confined Space - Medium Risk course assessed?
Structured CPD / active learning involves interactive and participation-based study. It is typically proactive and can include attending a training course, conference, workshop, seminar, lecture, e-learning course or CPD certified event. CPD active learning also applies to when professionals take career orientated exams and assessments.
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