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Course Dates for the EUSR - Safety Health and Environmental Awareness Water qualification.

EUSR - Safety Health and Environmental Awareness Water Training Course Dates

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"Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR)".

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Category: Health-and-Safety

Level: Beginner

The Safety Health and Environment Awareness portfolio of schemes have been developed in conjunction with industry to provide a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness training across the utilities sector, in line with Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

SHEA Water comprises of eight modules. The six core modules are common to all utility industries and form the basis of health, safety and environmental law and practices. A further two modules provide the water industry specific content, all individuals will need to complete all eight modules to receive the SHEA Water registration. It is designed to provide evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge and awareness. It is a passport scheme and does not indicate any level of technical competence or skilled expertise.

The Safety Health and Environmental Awareness Water scheme is designed for all individuals involved in the operational activities of the water industry who require access to sites, both permanent and temporary, including all levels of operatives, supervisors and management. A SHEA Water card lasts for three years from the date of training.

The programme content and scheme specification have been developed through consultation with the water industry. Programme material is produced and managed by Energy & Utility Skills on the industry's behalf. The content is reviewed periodically and consists of six core modules and two specific to the water industry. All individuals will need to complete all eight modules to receive the SHEA Water registration. The programme may only be delivered by trainers approved by Energy & Utility Skills.

The programme will be delivered through the context of the water industry.


Module 1
Understanding our workplace responsibilities Responsibilities
This module aims to familiarise individuals with the underpinning legal frameworks, definitions and their application in the workplace setting, including the responsibilities for both the individual (as employee) and their employer.
Module 2
Understanding the effects of our work on the environment
This module aims to develop individuals' understanding of the key environmental considerations in the workplace, and their impact as employees, on the sustainability of their environment.
Module 3
Identifying and controlling risks
This module helps individuals to identify and control risks and hazards, and understand their role in preventing them through a range of positive and proactive health and safety behaviours.
Module 4
Common hazards in the workplace
This module develops the individual's ability to both identify a range of common physical hazards and minimise their impact in the workplace, in line with CSCS requirements.
Module 5
Sewerage network and process operations (Water specific module)
This module provides the individual with an understanding of the types of hazards associated with sewerage network and process operations environments.

Module 6
Highway working and excavations (Water specific module)
This module provides the individual with an understanding of the processes and procedures required to work in the highway; this includes both public and private environments and creating a safe working environment through safe systems of work. The individual will know what to do in the case of an emergency.
Module 7
Occupational health hazards
This module aims to explain the meaning of the term 'occupational health' and develop the individual's understanding of a range of occupational health hazards and their requirements. It helps individuals identify, mitigate for and minimise occupational health hazards in the workplace.
Module 8
Responding to emergencies
This module develops individuals' understanding of emergency response behaviours, the role of reporting, inspection and enforcement of health & safety in the workplace. It also develops an individual's understanding of the impact on employee and employer of both poor/improving health and safety in the workplace.

Registration is based on successful completion of a training and assessment. Following training the Energy & Utility Skills approved trainer will apply to register the individual. EUSR cards are issued within 28 days of receipt of the necessary completed paperwork and payment. Individuals are issued with a cover note following training to confirm completion of the training and assessment while they wait for their card to be issued. The training session is expected to last for approximately one working day and comprises a trainer led presentation and assessment. Individuals will be called upon to share their experiences and thoughts throughout, to build on the course material.

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