Unaccredited - Principles of COSHH course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the Principles of COSHH course accredited by an official body?

This course has a certificate issued by the Training Provider. It is not accredited by any outside body but is a valuable aid to gaining knowledge in this field.

What is the Unaccredited - Principles of COSHH course?

Category: Health-and-Safety
Level: Beginner

The purpose of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
regulations is to minimise the risks associated with substances that are hazardous to the health of you and your employees, therefore reducing the number of people made ill through exposure to harmful substances.

How much is the Principles of COSHH course?
As a broker we have a large number of Training Providers who advertise their courses with us. The lowest price we have is £145.00 and the highest price is £145.00 (These prices may include Classroom, e-Learning, Distance Learning In-House(On-Site) and Zoom options).   See Dates and Locations
Who is the Unaccredited - Principles of COSHH course designed for?

This qualification is for candidates entering an environment where they are going to come into contact and use low level chemicals, such as Housekeeping, Cleaning and Healthcare.

The aim of this course is to make candidates aware of the hazards associated with chemicals and making candidates aware of the consequences of incorrect use of chemicals.

What subjects does the Unaccredited - Principles of COSHH course cover?

An understanding of how and which substances can harm health

Knowledge and definitions of exposure limits

Skills to understand exposure and to conduct COSHH risk assessments

A greater understanding of practical control measures and safe systems of work

How is the Unaccredited - Principles of COSHH course assessed?

This qualification is assessed by a short multiple-choice examination andquestioning through the duration of the session.

What certificate do I get for passing the Unaccredited - Principles of COSHH course?
Attendance Certificate issued by Training Provider
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