Unaccredited - Negotiation Skills course syllabus.

Course Description

Is the Negotiation Skills course accredited by an official body?

This course has a certificate issued by the Training Provider. It is not accredited by any outside body but is a valuable aid to gaining knowledge in this field.

What is the Unaccredited - Negotiation Skills course?

Category: Procurement
Level: Beginner

This course looks at how to prepare negotiation strategies, approach complex and team negotiations and options when dealing with difficult situations and interpersonal conflict.

Who is the Unaccredited - Negotiation Skills course designed for?

Negotiation Skills is for those who want to develop and practice their skills and behaviours as negotiators.

What subjects does the Unaccredited - Negotiation Skills course cover?
  • Recognise phases involved in all negotiations
  • Recognise key interpersonal skills needed at each phase
  • Know how to prepare and plan before each phase
  • Know your preferred negotiation style and its strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand how blockages and deadlocks happen and what to do
  • Know how influencing and persuasion skills contribute to a productive negotiation
  • Be better able to handle difficult people and conflict situations
  • Work more effectively as part of a negotiating team
  • Improve your ability to actively persuade colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Be able to negotiate better deals and agreements
How is the Unaccredited - Negotiation Skills course assessed?
Unaccredited - Negotiation Skills course dates and locations